Video by Dana Dveris & Angelina Lee © 2021

In a frantic digital age defined by speed and convenience, Dana Dveris and Angelina Lee share the delayed gratification that they find in slower arts processes: 120mm manual photography as well as cyanotype printing. While both art forms are analog, or non-digital, these also serve as an analog for each other. Manual photography “speaks” to cyanotype as both artists approach flowers, landscapes, and manipulate film strips. This documentary short celebrates the joy of these processes by walking the audience through two artists’ typical photo and printing processes. 

While these two artists are visible in the film, the documentary strives to show what they would see, handling the steps from ideation to finished piece. The film focuses on the texture of physical film and print, and explores the diverse chemical, plastic, paper, and glass materials that uniquely enable the magic of photorealistic capture. This project intends to educate people about now-alternative forms of photography and printing and express why these older techniques are worthy of exploration.